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21.2.1991 - 8.7.2021

Worthy of having a book written about him! He is the first foal of our first-ever winner, the  very speedy Four-Legged Friend. Now a hoary flea-bitten grey, he started life as bay, moved through gun-metal grey to his present hue. A naughtier horse you would not find. As a youngster, he spent a lot of time loose and his love affair with racing didn't really develop until he was a 3 year old. Then it was all systems go as he rattled up 8 wins and a whole host of placed efforts. It wasn't all without hitches with 2 major injuries and 2 episodes of arrhythmic heartbeat along the way. Finally retired, daughter Sammie adopted him and one year took him 20 miles across Newmarket Heath in the then MacMillan Charity Ride. Promised a home for life here at Red House

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