Tuesday 31st March

Our life in pictures

Life in the world, Great Britain, Newmarket and at Red House Stables has changed beyond recognition over the last weeks. Horseracing has been suspended at least until the end of April as the battle against coronavirus continues. Racehorses cannot simply be left in their stables and we are continuing to exercise them to keep them healthy, sane and safe. With no clear date for resumption and no idea of what the programme will be it's 'ticking over' time for the experienced inmates and 'education time' for the youngsters. We appreciate  that we are, to a degree, privileged. We have the animals to keep us focused and we are working outside for quite a lot of the day. This gives us a little certainty in a very uncertain world as we wonder what the landscape will be like when racing returns.

So above we have ALABAMA DREAMING and DISARMING out for a canter, MISSISSIPPI MISS teaching 2 two year old fillies the ropes, the arrival of new life in the form of a colt by Mukhadram out of Qualification and the wise old head of 29 year old HERR TRIGGER.

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